Continuing along the shit-I’ve-done-to-my-apartment lately track: I went a little ballistic with some chalkboard paint. There’s a whole wall done up with the stuff (poorly lit at the moment so that’s why no pictures), but I tend to use this one in the kitchen more, since it’s a really convenient place for me to remind myself to be a good vegan or otherwise not neglect the responsibilities entailed in my hilarious excuse for an adulthood. Also, that little door thing disappears into a crawl space/hidey hole thing, and  the chalkboard makes it way more incognito.  Again, not done—definitely gonna add a magnet strip or some such over for knives—but again, pretty righteous and heavily recommended. $12 a quart at Home Depot and virutally everywhere else.


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  1. Lydia

    Glad to see you’re remembering to take your B-Vites, pookie. Especially on such a cute chalkboard-window-frame-door-thing.

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