This picture is terrible and pre-trimming, but I went nuts on some fabric starch removable cloth wall paper again (this is my kitchen island) and thought I’d share the results.

Bonus for the locals: the print is from a really, really excellent new store, Santa Fe Fabrics on Cordova across from the Baking Company, and is an ungodly cheap $6/yard french vintage gauze.  I spent a lot of money there so expect more girlish spazzing as I finish things out.



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  1. hate to sound like a newb, but what is the difference between the wallpaper you’re using and regular wallpaper? is it less destructive to remove?

  2. aha thanks! This is a cool idea! 🙂

  3. Just thought of this, have you seen any of the flocking style wall appliques/paper? It seems like it would be the perfect type of thing to use the starch method for, and your french gauze lends itself to using a bold pattern like that. Maybe also a french toile.

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