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Meet my future shower curtain


irrationally excited that there’s a way to make your own oilcloth. tutorial here, but basically: just go buy some iron-on clear vinyl. brills.


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now to cover everything I own in mirror paint.

great DIY idea from AT. PS: Why did no one tell me that mirror paint existed before now?!!

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how-to via time out new york

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okay this might look totally crazypants in real life but I LOVE this idea for faking a knit chair cover, via sweetpaul

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A contact paper how-to that doesn’t look like shit! (Designer at left cause I’m too lazy to crop).

via the storque

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Because I need yet another excuse to buy 16th century craft accesories that I’ll use exactly once: notcot just posted the ridiculous and maybe awesome idea for newspaper yarn. the site they linked too was in german, but I found a how-to here.

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Skipping the intro post to get right to the point, because who cares about why I’m blogging about power drills and how much I like certain coasters? I love design, I love making shit, and most of the time I’m kind of embarassed about it but I can’t really stop. And this is usually when we take to the internet, yeah?

So, first up: the wallpaper, literally. I found this removable fabric starch wallpaper project on the yoozh, apartment therapy, and ended up modifying the directions pretty substantially to make the project work for the wonky slanted ceilings in my attic apartment. Add some $2 Pier 1 hooks for some open clothes storage and shabam! I have the Prince-meets-Cruella-meets-Urban Outfitter’s-dressing-room of my dreams (though, disclaimer, it’s not done–I’ve got an intense scheme to add some lace ribbon business between the hooks for cheap earring storage, hence the ugly vacuous space (note: if you don’t like clutter, you probably won’t like this blog).

How to after the jump for anyone who wants to adapt this to some less california-raisin inspired effect (or even if you do).
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