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File Under: Why Didn’t I Think of This?

New spin on the birthday banner as permanent wall art. Seems like a totally easy DIY!

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Kinda meh on the chairs, but I REALLY like the idea of lighting in corners like this.

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Reasons I need this:

1. I LOVE vintage penguin covers

2. I collect postcards (4 years of boarding school + 4 years of college will do this to you)

3. I’ve been scheming a large-scale book cover art thing for EVER.

4. You get A HUNDRED of them

5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Really wish my taste in LIFE didn’t draw me towards spaces like this Brussels guest house (I feel like a douche just typing it.) But god damn it I love materials–clay, glass, copper–and repetition, and huge walls of just STUFF. Now: to make 4 million dollars.

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from the girl with literally new cushioned surfaces in her apartment

really dig the idea of a DIY version of these cushions…and needle felting seems pretty easy and I’m always game for a mindless, can-do-it-whilst-watching-slasher-horror style crafts.

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and now for something mildly different

Totally stunning, and I think it wouldn’t be a hard DIY, especially in a cuter, smaller version.

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I’m really into the idea of itty-bitty micro tile that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, but as a renter it’s gonna be, how do you say, a total bitch to find someplace to put them, especially because most of the appeal is that there are THOUSANDS of themĀ on a large wall space. Hm. Scheming this weekend…

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