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You can PRINT your own BLINDS?!!

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and now for something mildly different

Totally stunning, and I think it wouldn’t be a hard DIY, especially in a cuter, smaller version.

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Let’s just go ahead and rope this one into home decor, since I would feel way classy whilst losing all my money at holdem at my next hypothetical poker night with these. exact. cards.

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Expect an insane amount of reposting here for a while since it’s how-to month on AT, but yikes, some of it’s really good: great sources for custom printed fabric, tile, wallpaper, you name it.

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Thinking about adding a new Friday feature here, since I do this every week on my own anyway: windowshopping. Because I’m sick of the locale specific websites on every damn blog I read, I’ll post the best-ofs a few decor/furniture/knicknack websites that anyone in the nation can buy from to make things a little more streamlined for those of us who live in the middle of the damn desert. Also, I won’t post anything heinously expensive unless it’s also incredible, and only things that I would buy for my own apartment in a heartbeat–no outlandish fantasy shopping, cause that gets old quick.  Also also, great excuse for me to salivate over random goblets! First up:


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Why HELLO, chair of my dreams!

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oh jeez so crazy, out of control in love with Scott Campbell’s gig posters inspired by old paperback covers, and they’re only $20+ shipping. Sadly, the Ghostface Killah one would look all kinds of awful on my living room wall color-wise, and I am not even, like, a tenth hip enough to have heard of 30% of the other bands. But dammit, a girl can dream!

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