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After two years of decorating around horrid 50-year old teal carpets, my next apartment has hardwood floors, and I’m spazzing pretty hard on the possibility of going for those really absurd nonsense colors that  work with literally nothing besides incredible cherry floors with clean white molding. Such as: coral.  



Funny how a house with more grown up bones is the perfect canvas for me to decorate like a deranged kindergartner.

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A contact paper how-to that doesn’t look like shit! (Designer at left cause I’m too lazy to crop).

via the storque

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This picture is terrible and pre-trimming, but I went nuts on some fabric starch removable cloth wall paper again (this is my kitchen island) and thought I’d share the results.

Bonus for the locals: the print is from a really, really excellent new store, Santa Fe Fabrics on Cordova across from the Baking Company, and is an ungodly cheap $6/yard french vintage gauze.  I spent a lot of money there so expect more girlish spazzing as I finish things out.


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oh jeez so crazy, out of control in love with Scott Campbell’s gig posters inspired by old paperback covers, and they’re only $20+ shipping. Sadly, the Ghostface Killah one would look all kinds of awful on my living room wall color-wise, and I am not even, like, a tenth hip enough to have heard of 30% of the other bands. But dammit, a girl can dream!

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Continuing along the shit-I’ve-done-to-my-apartment lately track: I went a little ballistic with some chalkboard paint. There’s a whole wall done up with the stuff (poorly lit at the moment so that’s why no pictures), but I tend to use this one in the kitchen more, since it’s a really convenient place for me to remind myself to be a good vegan or otherwise not neglect the responsibilities entailed in my hilarious excuse for an adulthood. Also, that little door thing disappears into a crawl space/hidey hole thing, and  the chalkboard makes it way more incognito.  Again, not done—definitely gonna add a magnet strip or some such over for knives—but again, pretty righteous and heavily recommended. $12 a quart at Home Depot and virutally everywhere else.

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Skipping the intro post to get right to the point, because who cares about why I’m blogging about power drills and how much I like certain coasters? I love design, I love making shit, and most of the time I’m kind of embarassed about it but I can’t really stop. And this is usually when we take to the internet, yeah?

So, first up: the wallpaper, literally. I found this removable fabric starch wallpaper project on the yoozh, apartment therapy, and ended up modifying the directions pretty substantially to make the project work for the wonky slanted ceilings in my attic apartment. Add some $2 Pier 1 hooks for some open clothes storage and shabam! I have the Prince-meets-Cruella-meets-Urban Outfitter’s-dressing-room of my dreams (though, disclaimer, it’s not done–I’ve got an intense scheme to add some lace ribbon business between the hooks for cheap earring storage, hence the ugly vacuous space (note: if you don’t like clutter, you probably won’t like this blog).

How to after the jump for anyone who wants to adapt this to some less california-raisin inspired effect (or even if you do).
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