File Under: Why Didn’t I Think of This?

New spin on the birthday banner as permanent wall art. Seems like a totally easy DIY!

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Kinda meh on the chairs, but I REALLY like the idea of lighting in corners like this.

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nice idea!

but I’d do it in copper.

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Take Note:

Because I’m a fiction writer, everyone over the age of 30 gives me notebooks all. the. time; christmas, birthdays, graduations, you goddamn name it. I feel terrible about it, but I really don’t use 90% of the ones I get. What can I say? I need college ruled, no spirals, not too thick on the binding, a cover I like to look at, the right weight of paper…let’s just say as both a design nerd and a writer, I’m super motherfucking particular.

So, universe: if you’re going to buy me a notebook, BUY THIS ONE. You can design your own! What!

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Like Anna at substudio, I’m similarly obsessed with this Dan Funderburgh print. As in I just got in trouble with my landlord for painting some bare wood in this exact color scheme and I really…don’t feel bad.

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now to cover everything I own in mirror paint.

great DIY idea from AT. PS: Why did no one tell me that mirror paint existed before now?!!

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Someday I will own a card catalogue. And maybe 40,000 tiny things to put in a card catalogue. Sigh, poverty.

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